The pleasure of an information

one of the most important things in any piece of information is truthfulness , i think its more important than the information itself because in any information if you doubt its not true it takes a lot of time and effort to be sure of it.
Thats why there is a pleasure in any information in the holy Quraan or any trusted Hadith beyond the information itself which is you are very sure that it’s true , that feeling clears your mind to absorb the information and benefit of every piece of it.
I didn’t realize the existence of this pleasure before I read about the “new world order”and “conspiracy theory” and how the world is lying to itself to discharge itself of what it does to itself and for other economically and military interests.
So we all should thank God for making us Muslims and believers to feel the pleasure of the information.
I hope that the world becomes more simple than it is , like the past ages but I know -unfortunately- that wont happen.


4 thoughts on “The pleasure of an information

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  2. A nice post , really a nice one , will be back -isA – to discuss : )

  3. because we know about these days, i think we should prepare and work for it, but how is the right question.

  4. Really beautiful words and their meaning is simple. continued and it is a good start;-)

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