The goal behind reward and punishment

As we all know life is based on reward and punishment as the basic rule of every action that anyone of us is taking and any action is rewarding to enthuse you to do it or punishing to keep you away from doing it , thats what we all know , but there’s another thing that few people care about it which is learning.

Learning is an essential goal to anyone of us as the goal of humanity is praying to god and making earth a better place and its not a coincidence that the first word came down to the prophet Muhammed in quraan was “اقرأ” that leads to learn.
God also is not punishing us to just pass away some mistakes but the main target is teaching and guiding us , so its not a shame when you have a bad luck in some situations but you should be happy that you are learning a new thing , that doesn’t mean when your life is a little bit handy that you are not learning ! you can learn new things every moment and from every action even its a daily action like going to school or college and you can learn even when you’re asleep ( when you think about a problem before sleeping you will probably figure it out when waking up the next day because the brain activity and performance is much better when you’re sleeping than awake ).
We also should reward or punish people in a way that makes them learn a new thing , like in competitions , money rewarding is not the best reward , the real one is having an opportunity to work or train somewhere (if its a technical competition) or travelling into a different place ( if its a social competition ) and if  you are a parent don’t reward your kid by buying him a candy or sweets , also don’t punish him by preventing him from watching his favorite show on TV , we all can find a better solution by a little of thinking and will.
In the end we should all focus on our main target which is making earth a better place and its obvious that we’re not moving towards this target , especially in Egypt.

One thought on “The goal behind reward and punishment

  1. sa7 wallahy fe3lan nw ba2a m7adesh fady 2no hwa ye3alm 2tfalo el sa7 btre2a slema nw kol wa7ed yedrab w yraya7 dema3'o fe3lan especially egypt:S

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