Know your enemy (Part 1)

( there might be mistakes in language or in information , if you found any post a comment please )

As we all know devil or “Satan” is our clear and determined enemy and its clear also that friend of your enemy is an enemy , so we all should take care of enemies that we don’t know specially when they are powerful and dangerous
The story begins when I searched on the “Conspiracy theory” and I found out that its the main tool to achieve something called “New World Order” which is in brief : to make the “Masons“(check out the Arabic edition here , it could be easier to understand ) on the top of the world through controlling the governments of the major countries and their economy because they believe that they are from another kind of human beings better than the rest of the world
Then i found this logo on the left side of the page and I’ve seen it before on the US 1 dollar paper

 What grabbed my attention the characters at the bottom of the pyramid “MDCCLXXVI” that seems to be Latin numbers that have a coded meaning or something , I searched on it and I found this link “MDCCLXXVI meaning“. Brief of the meaning: ” The year, 1776, is the Beginning year in which man is placed above God through exceeding sinfulness of sin.This is the testimony of the Masters of the Illuminati.Man is going to create his own new Beginning.”
Shocking statement , isn’t it ? I was shocked but I was eager to know more about these lunatic people that will destroy the world if they achieved their thoughts
I wanted to know also the meaning of the whole logo and I found this “Logo meaning“. Brief : “On May 1, 1776, a New World Order was born, whose foundation would be built upon depravity and rebellion. Its leader would be Satan.”
I never imagined there exists this so much evil hatred disbelieve and disobedience Then I remembered that there is another logo on the right side of the US dollar and it represents the government or something official and it could have a powerful meaning also

Here’s the meaning “Logo meaning“. Brief : ” This New World Order will eternally be crowned with depravity through rebellion. Rising as the Phoenix, the Illuminati’s New World Order is planned to forcibly take over our government. The New World Order places man above God “
To be continued …


Break the loop

Its obvious that what anyone does to somebody will be done at him again but unfortunately a few number of people believe that and act according to it
That makes a chain of bad actions that people deliver to each other unless someone break this chain or loop that everyone is in it
Break this loop by passing away anger and revenge feelings towards people that harmed you and have a faith in god that this person is going to be punished in some way that you may not know
Begin with yourself and you’ll find people around you are forgiving you without a reason and substitute the loop of evil actions with a good one , thats how you can change the world into a better place

Effort bar

When you go to school thats effort , when you think about a problem thats effort , when you keep depression out of your mind or anger out of your chest thats effort.So effort is every thing you do physically , mentally or psychologically. Also its the unit of every action in life because money was effort done in work , success in an exam was effort done in studying and thinking.
Time and effort are proportional , the more effort in a certain action the less time and vice versa , a simple example : if you’ve been tired and slept for 8 hours you wont feel headache like if you slept 4 hours. This proves that every thing can be done , but can you make the needed effort to be done ?
So i believe that every thing has a fixed value of time and effort that needed to be done to have or achieve this thing , like ” thing = effort * time “
So don’t bother if you didn’t achieve something that you’ve made a huge effort in it , may be it needs more or may be this feeling will complete the ” effort bar ” because you don’t know the values of the equation
Also remember , optimism is your key to achievement.

Meaning of right and wrong

Its so obvious that life is a mixture of right and wrong things (wrong things are more than right ones by the way) , thats why we’ve got minds in our heads to decide which road to take , but what our decision should depend on ? it depends on whats right and whats wrong , and how would i know that this thing is right or wrong ? compare between this thing and the definition of right and wrong , so whats the definition of right and wrong ?
The definition of “right” is “وضع الشئ فى مكانه” or “putting thing in its place ” and the definition of wrong is the opposite of right of course.
Here comes a question , how would i know its place ? everything got several clues pointing to its place , like : fish belongs to the sea because they have no legs. but this is a very easy thing , no one can argue about it ! because the amount of thinking and effort done is according to the “amount of clues to where it should be” anything has , thats why when something needs a huge effort people will start arguing because they haven’t done the same effort.
Thats why i believe that the unit of everything in life is effort , and we’ll talk about that later :)

Listing my goals

Its very useful to list your goals to compare your daily activities whether its in your goals’ side or not
so here’s mine :
– Narrow & short time goal : create a corporation that makes life a better place in many fields specially learning
– Wide & long time goal : to make thinking my best skill , better than even breathing
– My life time goal that i’ll die trying to reach it : to be smart enough to predict the future according to the current occurrences

I hope i reach my goals in the shortest time to give humanity the maximum benefit