Meaning of right and wrong

Its so obvious that life is a mixture of right and wrong things (wrong things are more than right ones by the way) , thats why we’ve got minds in our heads to decide which road to take , but what our decision should depend on ? it depends on whats right and whats wrong , and how would i know that this thing is right or wrong ? compare between this thing and the definition of right and wrong , so whats the definition of right and wrong ?
The definition of “right” is “وضع الشئ فى مكانه” or “putting thing in its place ” and the definition of wrong is the opposite of right of course.
Here comes a question , how would i know its place ? everything got several clues pointing to its place , like : fish belongs to the sea because they have no legs. but this is a very easy thing , no one can argue about it ! because the amount of thinking and effort done is according to the “amount of clues to where it should be” anything has , thats why when something needs a huge effort people will start arguing because they haven’t done the same effort.
Thats why i believe that the unit of everything in life is effort , and we’ll talk about that later :)

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