Effort bar

When you go to school thats effort , when you think about a problem thats effort , when you keep depression out of your mind or anger out of your chest thats effort.So effort is every thing you do physically , mentally or psychologically. Also its the unit of every action in life because money was effort done in work , success in an exam was effort done in studying and thinking.
Time and effort are proportional , the more effort in a certain action the less time and vice versa , a simple example : if you’ve been tired and slept for 8 hours you wont feel headache like if you slept 4 hours. This proves that every thing can be done , but can you make the needed effort to be done ?
So i believe that every thing has a fixed value of time and effort that needed to be done to have or achieve this thing , like ” thing = effort * time “
So don’t bother if you didn’t achieve something that you’ve made a huge effort in it , may be it needs more or may be this feeling will complete the ” effort bar ” because you don’t know the values of the equation
Also remember , optimism is your key to achievement.

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