Know your enemy (Part 2)

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In this part we’ll discuss a very important question , why USA ? to answer this question we first should know who created USA …

The United States Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 ( nearly a month after launching the New World Order ), which announced that the thirteen American colonies at war with Great Britain were now independent states, and thus no longer a part of the British Empire.
9 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons( William Ellery, RI – Benjamin Franklin, PA – John Hancock, MA – Joseph Hewes, NC – William Hooper, NC – Robert Treat Paine, MA – Richard Stockton, NJ – George Walton, GA – William Whipple, NH )

These are the confirmed members , some says that between 55 to 53 were Freemasons according to the A. Ralph Epperson’s book “The Unseen Hand” and Jim Marr’s book “Rule by Secrecy”.
12 or 13 of the 39 original signers of the U.S. Constitution were also Freemasons (The Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution is the framework for the organization of the United States government and for the relationship of the federal government with the states, citizens, and all people within the United States.) and of the 55 members of the Constitutional Convention, all but 5 were Masons and the majority of the members of the Continental Congress were also Masons according to the book “New World Order” by William Still, p. 61.
And these are the know masonic presidents of the US in its history of presidency “MASONIC PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES
So we are pretty sure that the masons had a great role in USA history and sure will have in the future based on something called “demon trap” , its definition is: Hexagrams are also known as “Demon Traps” when they are surrounded with a circle, when a witch wants to conjure a demon she draws a 9-foot circle on the ground. Then she draws a hexagram inside. Then by pronouncing the proper formulas she can force a demon to appear within the circle. As long as she stayed inside the circle the demon could not hurt her and must do her bidding. If the witch stepped one foot outside the protective circle the demon would kill.Demon traps are used to advance the cause which the witch wants to advance.
Its obvious that masons are playing the role of the witch and using USA as the demon in these evidences
to be continued …



The broken bridge

Trust is the bridge or medium of transferring information , without trust information is traveling in a way like “omni directional” the only information that hits the other person is the kind of info. which belongs to his beliefs and facts , leaving behind a huge amount of information that doesn’t belong to his beliefs or you can assume that every piece of information is like a piece of sugar traveling from your island to another one so it has to contain huge amounts of the other side’s beliefs and facts to arrive to the other side
Most of the time and effort in any conversation is wasted in proving the fact of each person’s point of view and I believe that every proof needs a proof to prove that its a proof , so they all keep arguing and arguing in most of conversations till the end of it finding out that there is no result , just wasting time and effort
This bridge of truthfulness is not a “one way” bridge , it has to be in both ways to gain full effect and I think its the major problem that causes a gap between your generation and the generation of your parents
Youth wants to take their own decisions and live through a variety of adventures and experiences and they don’t trust the way their parents think because they want to live their life the way they want not the way that somebody else wants even if its better ,youth don’t want to avoid  wrong decisions because they need to learn from them and be responsible of its results,on the other hand parents want their sons to avoid wrong decisions by following their’s as they’ve got more experience than their sons and capable of taking better decisions
So you need to trust the people around you and let them trust you but don’t forget to trust yourself first because you cant trust yourself unless people around you can trust you and you wont trust people around you unless you trust yourself as there should be equilibrium in every relation

I want

At first I wanted to make this post private but i found out that there is nothing embarrassing in writing my feelings, but I wont share it on Facebook or any other site , if you’re destined to read it you are doing that right now and don’t care about the others who wont read it :)

There is psychological and physical things inside every one of us that no one can deny specially in this period of my age that tends to be in an attraction mode to the other gender because this is our nature , this attractiveness is due to a need of something beyond thinking and logic which is feelings 
With friends and family the way of exchanging information is talking and describing or even body language , but I need that special someone that goes beyond these ways and just feels me and lets me feel her
I want someone to feel and discover whats inside myself better than me and to know whats inside herself better that her, no more talking , describing or even thinking just pure feelings , sensing and imagination
I want to feel that I’m taking control of another soul and this soul is taking over me , the soul that I can give her access to everything inside me 
If you’re a friend of mine you might be rolling on the floor laughing right now :D :D but you’ll realize when you stop laughing that you need that also , that partner that share your life with you , don’t deny your nature because you simply can’t

Request : let me know if you read this post

An eye for an eye

Thats what everyone says when somebody hurts him someway , the feeling of revenge controls his mind and thoughts but no one can punish the one who harmed him precisely with the same value of pain , so its better to calm down and control yourself first if you -really- need to punish him
But we’re all humans , you can’t know the actual value of pain and even if you know you can’t punish him according to this value , its always more than the real value because the pleasure of taking revenge will increase this value
So its always better to leave judgment to the perfect judge -God for sure- who only knows the actual value of pain you have and will punish the other one precisely and also you’ll get benefit someway
Finally , don’t turn from being oppressed to an oppressor