An eye for an eye

Thats what everyone says when somebody hurts him someway , the feeling of revenge controls his mind and thoughts but no one can punish the one who harmed him precisely with the same value of pain , so its better to calm down and control yourself first if you -really- need to punish him
But we’re all humans , you can’t know the actual value of pain and even if you know you can’t punish him according to this value , its always more than the real value because the pleasure of taking revenge will increase this value
So its always better to leave judgment to the perfect judge -God for sure- who only knows the actual value of pain you have and will punish the other one precisely and also you’ll get benefit someway
Finally , don’t turn from being oppressed to an oppressor


2 thoughts on “An eye for an eye

  1. msh dah kan movie ta2reban ?

  2. idk and even if its a movie, whats the problem in that ? :D

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