I want

At first I wanted to make this post private but i found out that there is nothing embarrassing in writing my feelings, but I wont share it on Facebook or any other site , if you’re destined to read it you are doing that right now and don’t care about the others who wont read it :)

There is psychological and physical things inside every one of us that no one can deny specially in this period of my age that tends to be in an attraction mode to the other gender because this is our nature , this attractiveness is due to a need of something beyond thinking and logic which is feelings 
With friends and family the way of exchanging information is talking and describing or even body language , but I need that special someone that goes beyond these ways and just feels me and lets me feel her
I want someone to feel and discover whats inside myself better than me and to know whats inside herself better that her, no more talking , describing or even thinking just pure feelings , sensing and imagination
I want to feel that I’m taking control of another soul and this soul is taking over me , the soul that I can give her access to everything inside me 
If you’re a friend of mine you might be rolling on the floor laughing right now :D :D but you’ll realize when you stop laughing that you need that also , that partner that share your life with you , don’t deny your nature because you simply can’t

Request : let me know if you read this post


One thought on “I want

  1. I didn't rofl mate :D Cuz you're quite right…Read this though… It's not that long… ok maybe a little, but I think it's very important…http://www.yasminmogahed.com/2012/01/03/this-is-love/#

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