The broken bridge

Trust is the bridge or medium of transferring information , without trust information is traveling in a way like “omni directional” the only information that hits the other person is the kind of info. which belongs to his beliefs and facts , leaving behind a huge amount of information that doesn’t belong to his beliefs or you can assume that every piece of information is like a piece of sugar traveling from your island to another one so it has to contain huge amounts of the other side’s beliefs and facts to arrive to the other side
Most of the time and effort in any conversation is wasted in proving the fact of each person’s point of view and I believe that every proof needs a proof to prove that its a proof , so they all keep arguing and arguing in most of conversations till the end of it finding out that there is no result , just wasting time and effort
This bridge of truthfulness is not a “one way” bridge , it has to be in both ways to gain full effect and I think its the major problem that causes a gap between your generation and the generation of your parents
Youth wants to take their own decisions and live through a variety of adventures and experiences and they don’t trust the way their parents think because they want to live their life the way they want not the way that somebody else wants even if its better ,youth don’t want to avoid  wrong decisions because they need to learn from them and be responsible of its results,on the other hand parents want their sons to avoid wrong decisions by following their’s as they’ve got more experience than their sons and capable of taking better decisions
So you need to trust the people around you and let them trust you but don’t forget to trust yourself first because you cant trust yourself unless people around you can trust you and you wont trust people around you unless you trust yourself as there should be equilibrium in every relation

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