Clashes from the future

I witnessed a revolution in my country “Egypt” (and actually its still running, people aren’t satisfied yet). I only witnessed it I can’t say that I participated in it :D , I was a little bit scared and naive. The more important thing is not only my country had protests , tens of countries had, in every continent, no matter if its a developing country or not. Here’s a list of protests in 2011 and the number is huge, more than any passed year, more than any year in the human history (I’m very bad at history by the way :D) and may be 2012 will have more protests and more people dying for their rights.

What I’m trying to say is the future is not going to be handy at all !! Its harder than you think because the number of people is growing fast and the resources are limited. The more people the more protests because the governments aren’t so good with dealing with problems and they will not ! there’s no hero that gonna assure you a happy life forever. You are supposed to be that hero to yourself because everyone works for his benefit, the more people the more benefits and we all know that all benefits cannot stand on the same side.
Its a war, a war that cannot be dealt with guns. Only actions and legal ones so you don’t end up in jail :D
A war for food, a war for health, its an every day war for living and its getting harder every day so get ready for it because you’re already late!
I’m not gonna waste your time but in the end just consider the following five facts….

  1. Approximately 1 billion people throughout the world go to bed hungry every single night.
  2. Approximately 28 percent of all children in developing countries are considered to be underweight or have had their growth stunted as a result of malnutrition.
  3. Every 3.6 seconds someone starves to death and three-quarters of them are children under the age of 5.
  4. “Least developed countries” spent 9 billion dollars on food imports in 2002. By 2008, that number had risen to 23 billion dollars.
  5. A study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research discovered that the bottom half of the world population owns approximately 1 percent of all global wealth.

2 thoughts on “Clashes from the future

  1. Reminded me of how greatly our decisions affects the futurebut I object on calling it a riot

  2. I updated it to protests

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