Am I successful ?

«كل ابن آدم خطاء، وخير الخطَّائين التوّابون » 
This is a “Hadith” or narration in Islam by prophet Muhammad that says that everyone makes mistakes but the best are who learn from their mistakes and doesn’t repeat them.
That’s what we really need to do because life is full of ups and downs and you can’t be right all the time or even wrong all the time.
Its a wave and the height you reach after hitting the bottom is representing how powerful you are and this rule doesn’t apply only on individuals but on teams like in sports or companies or even a whole country
Am I successful ? When you ask yourself this question that means that you doubt being successful and when you doubt that you try to prove it. This gives you a push forward towards success and if you ask yourself this question repeatedly then you are successful but that’s just for a while ! That’s why we shouldn’t forget asking ourselves this question again and again to keep moving forward 

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