I was watching a show on Discovery Science called “Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. I recommend you to watch it, it’s really a great show and sorry I can’t share the episode, I don’t wanna be another SOPA victim like Megaupload :D
The show was talking about what is time, does it exists or it’s just an illusion and can we control it or not.
There was different perspectives from different people but the most perspective that convinced me is that time doesn’t exist, it just represents the difference between actions.

The proof of this assumption is when we are bored and the difference between actions is huge we feel the time passing slowly. Although when we’re excited or active time goes by fast. Try staring at a clock or wait for somebody for 5 mins in a quiet place and another 5 mins playing your favorite game or chatting with your friend and compare the feeling of time between these different actions then you’ll know what I mean.
Another thing controlling your feel of time is your mind. When you’re in a critical situation like an accident or something you are extremely focused and your mind registers a lot of memories in a short period. Also in sleeping, when your dream is full of actions you feel that you’ve slept a lot while when you don’t remember your dream, you don’t feel that you’ve slept a lot (whether you feel rested or not). You can try this by closing windows tightly and not letting sunlight in and don’t look at a clock after you wake up, you wont be able to know what time it is.

This means that time doesn’t exist! and if you’re not yet convinced, what would happen if there wasn’t a sun and the earth was static ? simply we wouldn’t have made a 24 hours clock because there wont be something called day. We wont be able to measure a day, month or even a year. All these things are representations of the movement of the earth around the sun.
So by that, we can’t control time because it never exists.

At last I don’t know if this is the actual meaning of time but it seems pretty logical to me.


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