Today I was watching a TV show called “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” and the episode was about alien life forms that Stephen Hawking believes it may populate the universe and I saw how he is very excited and passionate about finding alien life forms in other planets despite their temperture, available resources, ..etc.
Then an idea came to my mind, that there could be aliens among us, here on earth! How? I’ll tell you.

When you process an image you deal with it in its simplest form which is a set of data or numbers and how you translate these numbers is the domain. If you assigned colors to these values (Spacial domain) you will see some features in the image but if you calculated the rate of change of the image’s values (Frequency domain) you’ll find different features you couldn’t find it in the first domain although its still the same image with the same data and you can change the image from spacial to frequency domain and vice versa through mathematical techniques like Fourier transform.

Image in spacial domain
Image in frequency domain

The world also is a set of data (a really big set of data) and how we see and deal with it is in a certain domain so if these data could be seen in different ways or domains then we could find clues of alien forms of life and they could be among us (Imagine aliens living around you. Freaky idea, I know)
I know the whole idea seems strange and nearly impossible technically but we’ve been searching the space for about 40 years for any clue of alien forms of life and till now we found nothing, so maybe its time to try a different technique and maybe the answer is much closer than we think.


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