You and the universe

You are in control, not the universe. How ? Lets try to figure that out together.

When you draw the size relation between you and the objects around you, it cant be a straight line because the universe is infinite, whatever big the object is, there’s bigger and whatever small there’s smaller.

So the relation cant be a line, its a circle, it has no begin or end and you are somewhere on this circle, go anti-clockwise the objects are smaller, go clockwise they are bigger. 

But this can’t be possible because at some point the smallest and the biggest becomes one ! 
Yeah I know, because this is exactly how it is :D

When you see how a black hole (which is the most dense and heaviest thing in the universe) move around another one , you’ll find out that they behave just like an electron moving around the center of the atom !
The heaviest ever known objects behave just like the lightest ever known objects, Surprising, isn’t it ?

Here at this episode of my favorite show “Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman” talking about black holes and simulating how they move. (you can jump to min 22:58 directly or watch the whole episode, its pretty informative)
So objects in this world are connected to each other more than we think, actually more than we could even imagine! No wonder how far away stars could affect our personalities when we are born like in the zodiac.
That’s how everything in this world is related to everything. There’s nothing in this world that can be isolated and any change in it wont affect the world, even snapping your fingers affects the world.
And since humans are the only creatures known so far capable of learning, imagining and creating new things then you have greater powers than anything else in the universe and of course with great powers, come great responsibilities. You are a superhero, so act like one.


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