You need a cheerleader

You know what my worst habit is ? It is thinking of so many great things and not doing 99% of them. Its really disappointing when I think how I would have become if I did most of these things.
And when I thought to myself why these 99% are left undone the only answer came to my mind was that I wasn’t enthusiastic enough, that I lost the mood of doing them, even when I write them down and keep reminding myself with them I’m still not excited to take any action.
That’s why I need a “cheerleader” (not exactly a woman that dances for me but why not anyway? :D)
I need something that puts me back in the mood and not just reminding myself with it and I need it for everything, from the biggest to the smallest thing, even having my breakfast or watching TV.
I believe I’m not the only one who’s facing this problem but now I’m in the mood of solving it, may be if I had postponed writing this post it would have been in the 99% (a lot of  posts are)
So I’m asking everybody reading this post, what would be that cheerleader that can enthuse you enough to do something that you want to do but not excited enough ? Can it be a daily habit? a software program? a friend? a wife or a girlfriend?
I’m waiting for your answers.