How to have have fun while going to work

Cairo traffic is beyond saving. Every hour in the day is a rush hour and that makes no chance of enjoying going to work or even enjoying work itself.
So how can you have fun in this frustrating environment ? a little challenge can do the trick.
Get out of your home 10 minutes late on purpose and challenge the traffic to get to your work on time.
By challenging the traffic I don’t mean to shout at the other drivers louder or drive carelessly but I mean to discover new ways that could minimize the time or try running or jogging and race other pedestrians, the key point is to do something different whatever it is.
The fun in that is when you actually get there on time, your whole day will be different because it started differently. (Hint: luck plays a great role in that, wish for it)
Also this kind of experience is useful when you’re unintentionally late because you already know by practicing this challenge some good tricks to minimize the time, or even if you didn’t minimize it you will be less angry because you have experienced that before and you were having fun challenging the traffic and yourself, so its good for anger management.
What drives me to think like that is that in both cases I have to go to work (in my case its college, I’m in the last year thanks god), so its either you get there happy or angry, your choice.


Change the world in 3 months

Today I was watching a movie called Restless, it was fairly good but inspired me with something.
The girl in that movie was dying in 3 months and I like to imagine myself living the story of the movie, that makes me enjoy the movie in a much better way.
So I imagined myself dying in 3 months and of course nobody wants to die without leaving a mark in this world but how in such little time ?
I would meet random people that I don’t know, stopping them in the street or something, and telling them my story. Then I’ll ask them to imagine themselves that they are going to die in three months too. And I will ask them to let me know what is their last wish or goal that they want to achieve before they die in 3 months ?
Then I will get their names and contacts and I will try to help them achieving their goals and wishes all the way I can before the deadline.
I won’t let them to be lazy and I don’t think they would, because they know its a dead man’s last hope and they will try to let him die proud.
That’s how I can rest in peace, knowing that I made somebody’s world a better place.

what would you do if you’ll die in 3 months ?
Let me know in the comments please.