Change the world in 3 months

Today I was watching a movie called Restless, it was fairly good but inspired me with something.
The girl in that movie was dying in 3 months and I like to imagine myself living the story of the movie, that makes me enjoy the movie in a much better way.
So I imagined myself dying in 3 months and of course nobody wants to die without leaving a mark in this world but how in such little time ?
I would meet random people that I don’t know, stopping them in the street or something, and telling them my story. Then I’ll ask them to imagine themselves that they are going to die in three months too. And I will ask them to let me know what is their last wish or goal that they want to achieve before they die in 3 months ?
Then I will get their names and contacts and I will try to help them achieving their goals and wishes all the way I can before the deadline.
I won’t let them to be lazy and I don’t think they would, because they know its a dead man’s last hope and they will try to let him die proud.
That’s how I can rest in peace, knowing that I made somebody’s world a better place.

what would you do if you’ll die in 3 months ?
Let me know in the comments please.


2 thoughts on “Change the world in 3 months

  1. It's a good article Ashraf, and I really felt sad when reading, that nobody in this world do his work perfectly (most of us at least), if anyone reads this, he/she has to rethink about his life and what had he/she achieved, succeed and how helped someone before,anyone carries hatred to someone? anyone hates someone with out any reason and just for jealousy!come on people wake up!

  2. I'm sorry to make you feel sad, I didn't mean that :D but yeah I want everyone that reads the article to think again about his activities and prioritize them according to his goals and not just living aimlessly. Thanks for your time :)

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