Why I’m Happy

Yesterday a friend of mine, Saif, posted on Facebook that he needs to start collecting everything beautiful, cute or smile inducing he comes across in a single folder to use as an instant happiness emergency stash. So I told him that he can make a blog, listing all of these things and it will be fun. He liked the idea adding that it’s good a idea to be available for everyone and not just for himself.

But since he hasn’t started his blog yet, I thought of doing my version of “why I’m happy”, to make a positive impact in all the negativity we live in.
So here’s my list, I may forget a lot of important things as I have a bad memory.. but you can remind me in the comments :D

I’m happy because:

  • I’m Muslim and I’m completely comfortable with my beliefs. Thank God.
  • I have a clear goal in life and I’m doing what it takes to achieve it.
  • There are a lot people in my life that love me and care about me, I wouldn’t have found them anywhere else. Not being forever alone is awesome of course! :D
  • I love technology and science, and their advancements are going pretty fast. Perfect!
  • I love gaming. Last game I played was the new Tomb Raider and it was pretty awesome.
  • I love my Android phone with all the apps on it. Specially Pocket and Flipboad.
  • With all the struggle we face in our daily life in Egypt, I manage to stay calm and control my frustration.
(Now it’s starting to get harder to remember :D)
  • I forgive easily. I don’t have any personal bad feelings towards anybody.
  • I enjoy walking. the daily bad traffic when going to college doesn’t affect me.
  • I love listening to music in all different genres. My top favorites are rock, metal and classic symphonies.
  • I love writing. This blog gets me out of bad mood every time.
  • I love Mango. Every time I eat it or drink it’s juice I become extremely happy.
  • I love inspiring people. That’s why I made this blog (and wrote this post.. and this line..)
  • I believe that if you’re not having fun while doing something, you’re not doing it right.
I definitely won’t be able to list everything as they are infinite, but what’s I’m pretty sure of, is that I’m happy because I choose to.

Nature’s processor

When you get any image on your PC and zoomed a bit too much you will find small squares with different colors called pixels. Well, nature too has its pixels, and it’s called subatomic particles (of course it got that name because it’s smaller than an atom)In computers, the data that are being used are only the ones loaded. Our minds do pretty much the same thing with nature’s data or, the subatomic particles. (you didn’t get it, I know.. bear with me)
Lets take computer games as an example (because I love gaming). In Need For Speed Underground 2, I once had a cheat code that lets me freeze the camera position while the car still going, when the car goes too far from the camera position the objects (buildings, other cars, road,..etc) start to disappear and the world goes black. Why ? because the memory of the PC is too little to hold all the rendered objects at once, so to overcome this problem the PC renders only the objects around the car, like a virtual circle around the car and moving with it, if the object is inside this circle then it’s loaded, if outside it’s not. This way you feel the world of the game real because it’s visible wherever you goes to, but you don’t see what’s happening in the background of the game to deliver this immersive realism.
Just like in computers, particles are in unknown state unless they are being observed, at this moment your mind renders them to see them the way they are. This takes us to Schrödinger’s cat, one of the proofs to the superposition principle of the quantum theory (the one I understood so far..)

Imagine a cat is placed in a room that is shielded from the environment. A Geiger counter and a little bit of a radioactive element are in the room. Within some time, say one hour, one of the atoms of the radioactive element may decay, or it may not. The Geiger counter can of course measure that. If it does measure the decay, it will release some poisonous gas, which will kill the cat.
The question now is: at the end of the hour, is the cat alive or dead?
Schrödinger’s interpretation is that as long as the door is closed, the cat is both dead and alive in dual superposed quantum states. When the door is opened, the quantum states are made known and the cat is observed to be either alive or dead.

This means that you can define the state of a particle only when you observe it, just like in the game, you can only see the object when you go around its position.

So we can say that particles are like data that make up the objects in a computer, your body is like the car in the computer game and your mind is like the computer’s memory and processor. The particles are out there, invisible to the car, unless you approach it.
This shows us how the digital world and the nature as it is, have a lot in common in concepts and structures.

We imitate the nature in our lives, in anything we do but we just don’t know it. And we also discover more and more by doing stuff and figuring out in the end that nature does it.

Time travel is useless

//This title is not meant to be catchy at all.

Yes I believe “time travel only” is useless, what you think is fun or cool or amazing or whatever.. isn’t just time travel, its time travel with your memories unchanged or altered.
The basic time travel will send you back in time for you to change some mistake you made in the past but the point is that you won’t remember that you regretted this action in the future because it didn’t happen yet, it doesn’t exist and you’ll make it again in the future, then you’ll regret it again and use the time travel to change it and forget.. and regret again… you’ll end up in an infinite loop.
But what does the basic time travel offers for traveling to the future ? well, it offers nothing (disappointing, right?)
Your memories and other people’s memories end at this moment, further in time doesn’t exist because there’s no memories to create it, its actions hadn’t been taken yet. So how the system gonna get those actions out of the people to let you see the future ? If its feasible you are most welcomed to tell me in the comments what is the next post I’m going to write on this blog.
What people want isn’t really time traveling because as we saw it offers nothing, they want transferring present memories to the past or predicting the future with 0 errors, and this I believe this is a different problem than time travel itself and even harder.
In the end I want to quote Morgan Freeman in Through the wormhole TV series ” If we can go back in time and change the mistakes we made, would we learn from it? Would we be who we are today? “

Lessons from subway surfers

You’ve probably heard of the game “Subway Surfers” because it is now the top free game on the play store. They did a great job in getting the people to know it through linking it with Facebook and showing your friends’ high scores to encourage you to beat them and so on.

But what caught my eye isn’t actually about the game, its about my attitude while playing it.
When you’re connected to the internet while playing the game you see the lowest high score of your friends until you beat that score then you see the next high score and so on but when you’re not online you don’t see any high scores of any friends, you see just your own high score.
What I observed is that I’ve never beaten my high score when I’m online, I was offline every time I beat my high score. I never did my best when I feel I’m winning, I never got a high score when beating my friends’ high scores lower than my highest score, I only did my best when I felt that “there’s a lot to do!”

So whatever you’re doing in your life there are easy achievements of course, don’t fool yourself and think you’re doing a great job by getting them because you won’t learn anything new unless you challenge your limits, not others’.

The post was kinda boring and traditional right ? yeah I know, but there’s a hidden message in it. Did you get  it before this line? wait wait.. think again please… come on, its not that hard !… Gave up ? Alright, I was going to say it anyway… Its “learn from every thing, even from a game on your phone.”