Lessons from subway surfers

You’ve probably heard of the game “Subway Surfers” because it is now the top free game on the play store. They did a great job in getting the people to know it through linking it with Facebook and showing your friends’ high scores to encourage you to beat them and so on.

But what caught my eye isn’t actually about the game, its about my attitude while playing it.
When you’re connected to the internet while playing the game you see the lowest high score of your friends until you beat that score then you see the next high score and so on but when you’re not online you don’t see any high scores of any friends, you see just your own high score.
What I observed is that I’ve never beaten my high score when I’m online, I was offline every time I beat my high score. I never did my best when I feel I’m winning, I never got a high score when beating my friends’ high scores lower than my highest score, I only did my best when I felt that “there’s a lot to do!”

So whatever you’re doing in your life there are easy achievements of course, don’t fool yourself and think you’re doing a great job by getting them because you won’t learn anything new unless you challenge your limits, not others’.

The post was kinda boring and traditional right ? yeah I know, but there’s a hidden message in it. Did you get  it before this line? wait wait.. think again please… come on, its not that hard !… Gave up ? Alright, I was going to say it anyway… Its “learn from every thing, even from a game on your phone.”


One thought on “Lessons from subway surfers

  1. Games are important in our life if we look at them in another perspective,good inspiration :)

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