Time travel is useless

//This title is not meant to be catchy at all.

Yes I believe “time travel only” is useless, what you think is fun or cool or amazing or whatever.. isn’t just time travel, its time travel with your memories unchanged or altered.
The basic time travel will send you back in time for you to change some mistake you made in the past but the point is that you won’t remember that you regretted this action in the future because it didn’t happen yet, it doesn’t exist and you’ll make it again in the future, then you’ll regret it again and use the time travel to change it and forget.. and regret again… you’ll end up in an infinite loop.
But what does the basic time travel offers for traveling to the future ? well, it offers nothing (disappointing, right?)
Your memories and other people’s memories end at this moment, further in time doesn’t exist because there’s no memories to create it, its actions hadn’t been taken yet. So how the system gonna get those actions out of the people to let you see the future ? If its feasible you are most welcomed to tell me in the comments what is the next post I’m going to write on this blog.
What people want isn’t really time traveling because as we saw it offers nothing, they want transferring present memories to the past or predicting the future with 0 errors, and this I believe this is a different problem than time travel itself and even harder.
In the end I want to quote Morgan Freeman in Through the wormhole TV series ” If we can go back in time and change the mistakes we made, would we learn from it? Would we be who we are today? “


2 thoughts on “Time travel is useless

  1. this is a great article, and I do believe in that is not feasible at all.But I only need to add that we can use the same reasoning that travelling to the future is not feasible to prove the feasibility of travelling to the past, as it also includes other people who will be affected by your action which you think you are capable of changing, thus changing other people's lives as an effect, So I believe if you even created a system with a special magical chip that makes you remember the errors you've done to undo them … none of people's reactions would change! unless you get them into your machine to reset their memory pointer :D … which is apparently impossible to gather all the human race into one machine … unless they make this machine applied to the whole earth from the space :D

  2. I agree with that, you can't change people's memories !Then changing the past is now impossible even theoretically :D

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