Why I’m Happy

Yesterday a friend of mine, Saif, posted on Facebook that he needs to start collecting everything beautiful, cute or smile inducing he comes across in a single folder to use as an instant happiness emergency stash. So I told him that he can make a blog, listing all of these things and it will be fun. He liked the idea adding that it’s good a idea to be available for everyone and not just for himself.

But since he hasn’t started his blog yet, I thought of doing my version of “why I’m happy”, to make a positive impact in all the negativity we live in.
So here’s my list, I may forget a lot of important things as I have a bad memory.. but you can remind me in the comments :D

I’m happy because:

  • I’m Muslim and I’m completely comfortable with my beliefs. Thank God.
  • I have a clear goal in life and I’m doing what it takes to achieve it.
  • There are a lot people in my life that love me and care about me, I wouldn’t have found them anywhere else. Not being forever alone is awesome of course! :D
  • I love technology and science, and their advancements are going pretty fast. Perfect!
  • I love gaming. Last game I played was the new Tomb Raider and it was pretty awesome.
  • I love my Android phone with all the apps on it. Specially Pocket and Flipboad.
  • With all the struggle we face in our daily life in Egypt, I manage to stay calm and control my frustration.
(Now it’s starting to get harder to remember :D)
  • I forgive easily. I don’t have any personal bad feelings towards anybody.
  • I enjoy walking. the daily bad traffic when going to college doesn’t affect me.
  • I love listening to music in all different genres. My top favorites are rock, metal and classic symphonies.
  • I love writing. This blog gets me out of bad mood every time.
  • I love Mango. Every time I eat it or drink it’s juice I become extremely happy.
  • I love inspiring people. That’s why I made this blog (and wrote this post.. and this line..)
  • I believe that if you’re not having fun while doing something, you’re not doing it right.
I definitely won’t be able to list everything as they are infinite, but what’s I’m pretty sure of, is that I’m happy because I choose to.

One thought on “Why I’m Happy

  1. Maybe i have some reasons to be happy

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