Why Needmash Failed to start (For now..)

Needmash logo

Me and a group of my friends were working on a project called Needmash (Previously known as ShopekLobek) and it’s idea was simple, post anything you need and help other people with what they need. We made a prototype of it (I hope it stays up and running) during our last year of college as our graduation project and we got straight A’s.

So everything was going fine right after graduation, we knew what to do and there was not much left to do for launching the service. But what we weren’t fully aware of, is that not all of us has the same purpose and motivation for this project. I myself just wanted to make something that help people more and make their life easier, whether it’s high tech or low tech, I didn’t really care, I just wanted to help. Some other members were taking this project as an experiment to learn from it, some others changed their personal goals after graduation and it didn’t go along with starting a business and some others were just following their passion and when they lost it, they lost interest in the project. And believe me, you will lose your passion in your startup many many times, here’s how to keep it.

So it’s not always the lack of skills or resources that fails a project. You can have the right people at the right time and things eventually go wrong because they didn’t have the same goal or motive. And by goal I don’t mean that they didn’t want the project to succeed, of course they did! But “why they wanted it to succeed” was different inside each of us.

So what I’ve learned from this experience and my advice to you is when you choose someone to start a business with, or hire someone in the early stage of your project, you must make sure that his personal goals and motives are the same as yours, whatever how skillful they are, you won’t get the best out of them unless you have a unified vision and personal goals. Think of it as multiple strings pulling a rock, if they don’t all have the same direction, things will fall apart.

By the way if you are a huge corporation, you may not need to worry about your employees personal goals, they work for your money anyway.


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