The broken bridge

Trust is the bridge or medium of transferring information , without trust information is traveling in a way like “omni directional” the only information that hits the other person is the kind of info. which belongs to his beliefs and facts , leaving behind a huge amount of information that doesn’t belong to his beliefs or you can assume that every piece of information is like a piece of sugar traveling from your island to another one so it has to contain huge amounts of the other side’s beliefs and facts to arrive to the other side
Most of the time and effort in any conversation is wasted in proving the fact of each person’s point of view and I believe that every proof needs a proof to prove that its a proof , so they all keep arguing and arguing in most of conversations till the end of it finding out that there is no result , just wasting time and effort
This bridge of truthfulness is not a “one way” bridge , it has to be in both ways to gain full effect and I think its the major problem that causes a gap between your generation and the generation of your parents
Youth wants to take their own decisions and live through a variety of adventures and experiences and they don’t trust the way their parents think because they want to live their life the way they want not the way that somebody else wants even if its better ,youth don’t want to avoid  wrong decisions because they need to learn from them and be responsible of its results,on the other hand parents want their sons to avoid wrong decisions by following their’s as they’ve got more experience than their sons and capable of taking better decisions
So you need to trust the people around you and let them trust you but don’t forget to trust yourself first because you cant trust yourself unless people around you can trust you and you wont trust people around you unless you trust yourself as there should be equilibrium in every relation

An eye for an eye

Thats what everyone says when somebody hurts him someway , the feeling of revenge controls his mind and thoughts but no one can punish the one who harmed him precisely with the same value of pain , so its better to calm down and control yourself first if you -really- need to punish him
But we’re all humans , you can’t know the actual value of pain and even if you know you can’t punish him according to this value , its always more than the real value because the pleasure of taking revenge will increase this value
So its always better to leave judgment to the perfect judge -God for sure- who only knows the actual value of pain you have and will punish the other one precisely and also you’ll get benefit someway
Finally , don’t turn from being oppressed to an oppressor

Break the loop

Its obvious that what anyone does to somebody will be done at him again but unfortunately a few number of people believe that and act according to it
That makes a chain of bad actions that people deliver to each other unless someone break this chain or loop that everyone is in it
Break this loop by passing away anger and revenge feelings towards people that harmed you and have a faith in god that this person is going to be punished in some way that you may not know
Begin with yourself and you’ll find people around you are forgiving you without a reason and substitute the loop of evil actions with a good one , thats how you can change the world into a better place

Effort bar

When you go to school thats effort , when you think about a problem thats effort , when you keep depression out of your mind or anger out of your chest thats effort.So effort is every thing you do physically , mentally or psychologically. Also its the unit of every action in life because money was effort done in work , success in an exam was effort done in studying and thinking.
Time and effort are proportional , the more effort in a certain action the less time and vice versa , a simple example : if you’ve been tired and slept for 8 hours you wont feel headache like if you slept 4 hours. This proves that every thing can be done , but can you make the needed effort to be done ?
So i believe that every thing has a fixed value of time and effort that needed to be done to have or achieve this thing , like ” thing = effort * time “
So don’t bother if you didn’t achieve something that you’ve made a huge effort in it , may be it needs more or may be this feeling will complete the ” effort bar ” because you don’t know the values of the equation
Also remember , optimism is your key to achievement.

Meaning of right and wrong

Its so obvious that life is a mixture of right and wrong things (wrong things are more than right ones by the way) , thats why we’ve got minds in our heads to decide which road to take , but what our decision should depend on ? it depends on whats right and whats wrong , and how would i know that this thing is right or wrong ? compare between this thing and the definition of right and wrong , so whats the definition of right and wrong ?
The definition of “right” is “وضع الشئ فى مكانه” or “putting thing in its place ” and the definition of wrong is the opposite of right of course.
Here comes a question , how would i know its place ? everything got several clues pointing to its place , like : fish belongs to the sea because they have no legs. but this is a very easy thing , no one can argue about it ! because the amount of thinking and effort done is according to the “amount of clues to where it should be” anything has , thats why when something needs a huge effort people will start arguing because they haven’t done the same effort.
Thats why i believe that the unit of everything in life is effort , and we’ll talk about that later :)

The goal behind reward and punishment

As we all know life is based on reward and punishment as the basic rule of every action that anyone of us is taking and any action is rewarding to enthuse you to do it or punishing to keep you away from doing it , thats what we all know , but there’s another thing that few people care about it which is learning.

Learning is an essential goal to anyone of us as the goal of humanity is praying to god and making earth a better place and its not a coincidence that the first word came down to the prophet Muhammed in quraan was “اقرأ” that leads to learn.
God also is not punishing us to just pass away some mistakes but the main target is teaching and guiding us , so its not a shame when you have a bad luck in some situations but you should be happy that you are learning a new thing , that doesn’t mean when your life is a little bit handy that you are not learning ! you can learn new things every moment and from every action even its a daily action like going to school or college and you can learn even when you’re asleep ( when you think about a problem before sleeping you will probably figure it out when waking up the next day because the brain activity and performance is much better when you’re sleeping than awake ).
We also should reward or punish people in a way that makes them learn a new thing , like in competitions , money rewarding is not the best reward , the real one is having an opportunity to work or train somewhere (if its a technical competition) or travelling into a different place ( if its a social competition ) and if  you are a parent don’t reward your kid by buying him a candy or sweets , also don’t punish him by preventing him from watching his favorite show on TV , we all can find a better solution by a little of thinking and will.
In the end we should all focus on our main target which is making earth a better place and its obvious that we’re not moving towards this target , especially in Egypt.