Why I’m Happy

Yesterday a friend of mine, Saif, posted on Facebook that he needs to start collecting everything beautiful, cute or smile inducing he comes across in a single folder to use as an instant happiness emergency stash. So I told him that he can make a blog, listing all of these things and it will be fun. He liked the idea adding that it’s good a idea to be available for everyone and not just for himself.

But since he hasn’t started his blog yet, I thought of doing my version of “why I’m happy”, to make a positive impact in all the negativity we live in.
So here’s my list, I may forget a lot of important things as I have a bad memory.. but you can remind me in the comments :D

I’m happy because:

  • I’m Muslim and I’m completely comfortable with my beliefs. Thank God.
  • I have a clear goal in life and I’m doing what it takes to achieve it.
  • There are a lot people in my life that love me and care about me, I wouldn’t have found them anywhere else. Not being forever alone is awesome of course! :D
  • I love technology and science, and their advancements are going pretty fast. Perfect!
  • I love gaming. Last game I played was the new Tomb Raider and it was pretty awesome.
  • I love my Android phone with all the apps on it. Specially Pocket and Flipboad.
  • With all the struggle we face in our daily life in Egypt, I manage to stay calm and control my frustration.
(Now it’s starting to get harder to remember :D)
  • I forgive easily. I don’t have any personal bad feelings towards anybody.
  • I enjoy walking. the daily bad traffic when going to college doesn’t affect me.
  • I love listening to music in all different genres. My top favorites are rock, metal and classic symphonies.
  • I love writing. This blog gets me out of bad mood every time.
  • I love Mango. Every time I eat it or drink it’s juice I become extremely happy.
  • I love inspiring people. That’s why I made this blog (and wrote this post.. and this line..)
  • I believe that if you’re not having fun while doing something, you’re not doing it right.
I definitely won’t be able to list everything as they are infinite, but what’s I’m pretty sure of, is that I’m happy because I choose to.

Convincing people 101

Convincing is skill you really should take care about because your whole life depends on decisions you have to take, and not everybody around you thinks the way you do. So most of the time you will need to convince them or live alone if you can take it.
I’m not a convincing master but I’m not giving up on learning and that’s the key point in every thing, keep learning.
I’m going to list some points that came up in my mind to optimize that skill.

1. Do not get angry at any level.
Anger destroys conversation and changes it into a fight to prove you are right rather finding the best solution (finding the best solution is the goal of every conversation, isn’t it? )
So to avoid anger don’t argue in facts or beliefs, only argue in ideas or opinions because arguing in the first two will get the other person angry and eventually you’ll be angry too.
And of course I don’t have to mention to have a bit of self control and don’t get angry for trivial reasons.

2. Do your homework.
If you know previously what you are going to talk about think about all the possible questions that the other person may ask and try to get a clear answer for them.
It will make you more confident while talking and you will answer faster, your confidence and speed will make it a lot easier on you to convince the other person. So always be prepared.

3. Know when you’re wrong.
Its so important to realize that you’re wrong if you are, because arguing for a bad idea is really a bad idea ! It’ll just make your position weaker and you’ll probably lose the argument unless you’re arguing with a dumb.
Also arguing for something you know it’s wrong will decrease your credibility over time and believe me you need it.
And remember, the goal of any conversation is finding the best solution not proving you right because sometimes you’re not.

4. Play in their field and win.
If the other person gave you an example or asked you “what should I do?” you have to turn that on your side and prove your point in their example or tell them what you would do if you were in their position.

Again, I’m not an expert, I could be wrong so if you have better ideas or any feedback on those let me know in the comments please.

You need a cheerleader

You know what my worst habit is ? It is thinking of so many great things and not doing 99% of them. Its really disappointing when I think how I would have become if I did most of these things.
And when I thought to myself why these 99% are left undone the only answer came to my mind was that I wasn’t enthusiastic enough, that I lost the mood of doing them, even when I write them down and keep reminding myself with them I’m still not excited to take any action.
That’s why I need a “cheerleader” (not exactly a woman that dances for me but why not anyway? :D)
I need something that puts me back in the mood and not just reminding myself with it and I need it for everything, from the biggest to the smallest thing, even having my breakfast or watching TV.
I believe I’m not the only one who’s facing this problem but now I’m in the mood of solving it, may be if I had postponed writing this post it would have been in the 99% (a lot of  posts are)
So I’m asking everybody reading this post, what would be that cheerleader that can enthuse you enough to do something that you want to do but not excited enough ? Can it be a daily habit? a software program? a friend? a wife or a girlfriend?
I’m waiting for your answers.

Just thanks !

Its a little bit strange that the number of audience from US is greater than the number from Egypt which is my country , where I live and share my posts with friends and family
The strange thing also is that I don’t have any friends from US or even outside Egypt ! this huge number of people viewed my blog actually came out of no where I know , I don’t know if my blog was in their search results or they found it by any other mean , all I know now is that I hope you enjoyed it and “just thanks!” :D

No. of audiences of all time from US and EG